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where are we going? to the library!

good golly miss molly, i havent sat myself down with the sole intent of updating in a really long time.
i have been ever-so-busy, with work and hanging out and all that jazz. i have been so tired as well. with the exception of today, whenever i work it is always until the store closes at 10. today i worked 9-1, but Fran and I were setting up a display and wanted to get it done so i worked an extra hour. it's not bad though. i kind-of like it. especially today, because i got to set up all kinds of displays, which is more fun than working in clothes, where all you do is put away the clothes from the dressing rooms, which is what i normally do. yee haw for Target. oh, and today i was configuring what my average paycheck should be, with taxes taken out and all that. my first paycheck will be around $220, and more towards thanksgiving when i am working 25 hours a week, my paycheck will be an upwards of $300. well actually like $287 or something. hell fucking yes. im excited.

my mom went and bought me some dickies yesterday. i told her they had some courduroys clearanced for $19 at Pac Sun, but she brought home $38 un-clearanced un-corduroy khaki dickies. ai caramba! im not complaining, but that was completely unneccesssary.

friday courtney, steph, dan and i saw Rocky Horror at this outdoor theater, and we were cold as balls. possibly because we all were dressed like complete whores. but come on, only squares dont dress like whores for rocky horror. we saw these two girls we know, Emilee and Kami, and they were even worse though. they only had underwear and a dont know how to spell it. one of those lace-up bra thingies that they all wear in the movie. at least we had skirts on. we put dan in this really really small purple shirt and these velvet pants with sequined flames at the bottom. and then i put eyeliner on him and gave him a mohawk. he looked so homosexual. honestly. it was humorous.

debi annoyed me yesterday. i dont feel like going into specifics, but that is one more reason why matt needs to turn gay so that she can have fun again.

im downloading some music. i am such the dad told me not to because he doesnt want to get sued. buwahaha

well folks, i am going to go. have a nice night.
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