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sure, flipper was fast, but turtles just dont run away.

i am really damn itchy. and its a weird kind of itch, like the kind that never goes away. moving on to other matters, it was a crazy weekend. i was either completely drunk or hungover over the course of 4 days. a lot of people got mad at me on friday, because i kept making out with people and grabbing asses. then the cops came and steff, courtney, some other guy and myself ran into the middle of a wet muddy field and layed in it for a bitch-ass long time. we avoided getting breathalized, but john did and we felt so fucking bad. a lot of people thought he got arrested, but he didnt. he only has 24 hours of community service. and he's grounded for 6 months...christ i would probably dig my eyeballs out. saturday we got drunk again and went to Rock's house. steff got all mad though because of certain events, so that sucked. sunday i had to work and courtney and i went to rock's for a little while. then monday we went to rock's again and drank some more. yee haw! there was conflict between steff and courtney though which sucked, but i guess things are better. courtney i love you also. you are my dearest of lovers, and i am glad we became friends. our little noses fit perfectly together :) hehe
today i got a cavity filled. they didnt shave it down properly so there is this jagged piece that sticks out and hurts my tongue.
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