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i wish i made cures for how people are

today was shit. almost as equal in shittiness as yesterday. not quite, but close. yesterday i was going to hang out with dave, but i had promised mom that i wouldnt go out after school this week since ive been gone for like a month straight. so i lied and said i had to work because i didnt even feel like asking if i could hang out with anyone. mom decided to drop by my work, but alas i was not there. go figure. dave couldnt even hang out and i already had a shitload of things on my mind, and i was lonely as fuck because courtney had to be home at 6, so i went to rock's house. on the way home at like 10:30 i got lost downtown. to make matters worse it was raining and i managed to find my way into the complete ghetto, but couldnt find my way out for a half hour. i called my mom to say that i was going to be late because they made me stay after a bit at work, and she was like "well that's funny, because i went to target today and you werent there" in this sarcastic, you-better-confess-now kind of tone. so basically im fucked. once mom gets back from the store we are going to "discuss" how long im grounded for. it going to suck balls because my parents are so completely unwilling to compromise. they can be very unreasonable at times.

today debi, who was my "best" friend, called me a "drunken delinquent". and she wasnt joking.

it's just you and me, kid.
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