shadows on a dark wall (pinkmullets) wrote,
shadows on a dark wall

I don't need no diamond rings, I don't need no Cadillac car

I'm not quite sure what brings me back to livejournal, my old friend. The need to express I presume.
I was sitting, oh-so-bored, and self pity began to set in. I decided I needed to let some things out, bringing me to this corner of our Broadway Street kitchen. The day's last light is filtering in through the window, and Winston is batting a bottle cap around on the floor. I enjoy the click click clicking of the keys as i type.
What are the happenings, the goings-on, of my life right now you(no one) may wonder??
Ah, where to begin. The basics I suppose.
I am 21 years old, 22 in almost 2 months exactly. I live at 5314 Broadway St with a Mr Justin Mog and Miss Brandi Spaethe. I am proud parent of two cats, Kitty and Winston, who entertain me and give me solace if nothing else can. I just enrolled at Ivy Tech (again). I decided to take 3 classes to give me something to occupy my time, as I am unemployed and want to avoid getting a job at all costs. However I doubt that would be a problem because the job market is utter shit these days. Recession will do that ya know.
I am lonely. I have lost nearly every friend I have had in the world, and have found no comfort in anyone I have met in Indianapolis. Justin is here for me in a remote, unhelpful sort of way. I see too much fault in him now, and he doesn't see much worth in anybody including myself. Well, I take it back. He values one, a sir Johnny Banks. Yeah I'm jealous. Hurt maybe. But I am as supportive as I can muster.
Sorry livejournal I have lost interest.
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