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take one of these on your holiday

im finding myself to be unhappy with my current daily routine. school seems completely pointless. i only need to be here for 3 periods of the day, but im stuck here for 7. four periods of my day are just filling space. im not even enjoying photography as much as i did in the beginning of the year. im getting lazy and i havent shot a good roll in a while. work is suprisingly not bothering me as much any more though. i dont mind being at work, and with the exception of one SUPER HARDCORE BASTARDASS BITCHFUCK, i get along with everyone very well. ive been volunteering to work until close a lot lately and havent even minded doing it. that is mighty stange. i used to want to stab my eyes every time i had to close. so i guess thats good?

i miss two people very much. one of which i dont think i will ever get back.
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